Happy 2016 and a very merry Epiphany Month!

Hand Drawn LightbulbThe twelve days of Christmas are finally over. Yes, yes, it’s very sad, but I’m sure you’re as sick of eating turkey as we are.

What comes next? Well, today – 6th January 2016 – is Epiphany! There’s some kind of Christian festival attached to this event, but as Opening Line‘s religion is Writing, we’ll just be borrowing the awesome name.

Why? Epiphany means INSPIRATION. So this month, Opening Line will work tirelessly – or at least Frankie will, the rest of us will probably sleep at some point – to provide you with writing prompts and ideas to get your creative juices flowing for 2016.

When: Running at 6pm GMT every weekday starting today (6th – 29th January).

How do I get involved?: Follow #EpiphanyMonth, our Twitter feed or our blog for daily prompts.

Share your stories/flashfiction with us! Short or long, silly or solemn, make sure people know you’re inspired.

And, as an added bonus, if you feel like sharing the completed story with us via submissions@openingline.org, OL will feature your work on our website.


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