• Having Faith: Dealing with Query Rejection by K.F. Goodacre
  • Practical Writing Progress by K.F. Goodacre
  • M’aidez! M’aidez! There’s always Developmental Editing by Julie Hutchings
  • A Great and Foolish Mind: A Tribute to Terry Pratchett by Matthew Friett and Dee Baker
  • Women in Fiction: 50 Shades of Agency by K.F. Goodacre
  • Facing the Unexpected: Character ‘Hot Seating’ by K.F. Goodacre


  •  How to Keep Your Cool When Critics Flame Your Book by K.F. Goodacre
  • World-Building in Historical Fiction by K.F. Goodacre and S.E. Berrow
  • The Future of Writing: Is being an author a viable career? by K. F. Goodacre
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing by K. F. Goodacre
  • In the Shadow of Destiny: The Art of Foreshadowing by K. F. Goodacre


  •  Villains: Why do we love to hate them? by Addison Crow
  • ‘The Other YA’ by Sarah Benwell and Marieke Nijkamp