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Quarantine imminent: #Infection approaches!

Our Winter issue is being pieced together as we speak! Our theme seems to have sparked the imaginations of all our entrants, who have provided the submissions team with stories and poems of great quality.

In the coming quarter, we will also have a ‘Where Are They Now’ interview with Opening Line alumna, Kai Kiriyama, whose excellent Pathogen books are of particular relevance to our #Infection theme.

For your information:

Those who submitted an entry for our Infection issue will receive replies by 5pm (GMT) Wednesday. If successful, there will be a follow-up email including a final proof by 8pm Saturday (30th). This issue will be released on 1st February 2016. 

To those who are unsuccessful this quarter – please don’t give up! The submissions team were stunned by the great volume and great quality of all entries this quarter. Our new theme will be announced shortly and we’d encourage you to try again.

Watch this space.

And don’t drink the water.




THEME ANNOUNCEMENT: Our Winter Issue: #Infection


Genomic-test-to-differentiate-between-viral-and-bacterial-infectionsInfection is a part of daily life. People are infected with colds or diseases, water can be infected with bacteria, a computer can be corrupted by a virus – you can even have an infectious laugh! An infection is a catalyst that spreads and changes something from one state to another.

Vampires, werewolves, zombies all spread their curses and states by infecting their victims with it. Computer hackers bring down governments and major organisations by infecting technology with viruses, terrorists can kill whole cities by corrupting the water supply; governments can control whole countries by infecting them with fear… the possibilities are endless.

We want your stories on the volatile being that is ‘infection’

Our submission inbox
is open NOW and
our deadline is the 11th January 2016, Midnight (GMT).

Please read THE GUIDELINES before entering.

Happy submitting!

July ’15 Issue: OUT NOW – #Faith

The July issue of Opening Line Literary ‘Zine is out now!

Click here to download: July 2015 – FaithJuly 2015 - Faith

This issue has been made FULLY INTERACTIVE for ease of reading and browsing.

Opening Line Literary 'Zine is compatible with iPad and Kindle. 
The magazine has been checked for bugs and viruses prior to being uploaded. 

2015 issues are held on-site.
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