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SPOTLIGHT ON: Kai Kiriyama (Author of the Pathogen series)

Kai KiriyamaSome of our older readers may remember this familiar face from our September 2014 issue, Futures, in which she introduced us to the wonderful steampunk detective, Blaze Tuesday.

Well, Kai Kiriyama is back on our interview sofa! This time, she’s indulging us for our Infection issue (our Winter 2016 publication).  Continue reading

SPOTLIGHT ON: Kristen Strassel (Author of Because the Night)

Kristen Strassel is somewhat of an Opening Line alumni nowadays, so when we heard her first novel, Because the Night, was due for release, we immediately tracked her down to spill the beans about her debut publication.

Original interview: October 2013

Vrbt1sRHTell us a bit about yourself. How would you describe yourself as a writer?

I work as a makeup artist, which influences a lot of other facets of my life. I tend to always be creative, whether it’s my “day job” or if I’m just trying to relax. I notice colors and textures probably more than other people, and it’s my job to be a people watcher. I think that translates into my books, I find that I pay attention to details that other authors might not. Leigh Bardugo is also a makeup artist, and I notice the same things with her books. Not that my books are anywhere near as brilliant as hers, but she uses the same elements. Because The Night is the first book I wrote. I really learned how to write a book with this one. I semi plotted this one, ripped it apart, put it back together, and really learned what my style would become. I feel like I’ve worked the hardest on this book, but because of that it’s also the closest to my heart. Continue reading