The OL Team


Frankie is a nearly-thirty-something writer and illustrator of Children’s picture books. When she’s not working on Opening Line, she’s probably trying to get ink or paint off her hands. She likes underdogs, unexpected magic, and teeny-tiny cats.


KIM GOODACRE – Feature Writer and Content Editor

Kim ‘K’ Goodacre is a Fantasy writer with a penchant for 17th Century Russian history, Greek myths and Celtic legends. Her special powers are procrastinating, mainlining fiction, and coming up with valid excuses to wear fancy dress costumes. She likes superheroes, badgers and manatees.


LAUREN ATKINS – Feature Writer and Assistant Editor

Lauren’s book collection is like her hair – big and out of control. Her favourite authors are Cormac McCarthy, Mitch Albom and Daphne Du Maurier, and she has a great love for WW2/Holocaust non-fiction. She likes travelling the world, taking pictures of everything and is always carrying an immaculately well kept book in her bag. If she sees you crack the spine of a book, things will go downhill very quickly.

MATT FRIETT – Feature Writer

Matt Friett is a Jack-of-all-trades, Almost-master-of-a-few. His passions are writing, music, painting, and acting on stage. He has a general fondness for all animals, a disturbing preoccupation with insects and lizards, and would happily spend the rest of his life eating only Bristows jelly dolphins.

 DEE BAKER – Feature Writer and Social Media Guru

Dee is best described as something that escaped from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. Her passions are books, films, cupcakes and all things Sherlock Holmes. She startles easily when people unexpectedly appear in front of her, and occasionally and involuntarily screams in public when surprised. Her imagination is only rivalled by her love of dogs and otters.